Thermal Energy Storage Tank of Aimst University

Just Beside Aimst University Medical Faculty, There is a building of unknown purpose. Some of the students say is a power generator, and some say is a sewage facility.

Just behind the building there is a big shinny vertical tank. Many speculate it is a fuel tank to store Diesel for power generator in case of power outage, and some will explain it as a tank to store water to cool down the machines in the plant.

But after some minor search on the internet, it was found to be a Thermal Energy Storage Tank. Installed by Anmas Corporation – Thermal Energy Storage Solutions.

So what is Thermal Energy Storage Tank used for ?

Anmas Corporation have an explaination below:

Thermal Energy Storage (TES) is an Energy Management Technology that has the capability to shift and reduce peak energy demand for Air-Conditioning system without affecting the comfort levels within the building. Thermal energy is stored/charged using the refrigeration equipment during low energy demand hours (Off-Peak periods), and is discharge for usage during high energy demand hours (On-Peak periods). With thermal storage, energy costs are reduced in two ways:

– By using less energy during high cost on-peak periods.
– By reducing on-peak energy demand and avoiding high demand charges imposed by utilities. Lower off-peak energy costs and lower demand charge result in significant savings as compared to conventional non-storage systems.

Thermal Energy Storage can be classified into sensible energy storage technology or latent energy storage technology. Ice storage is a form of latent storage in which energy is stored when water turns into ice. chilled water storage is a form of sensible energy storage which stores energy through changes in media temperature without any phase change.

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