Exam Skills and Motivation Seminar

On the 7th of October, 2007, a group of 230 students from various secondary schools in the Kuala Muda / Yan district visited AIMST University for an Exam Skills and Motivation Seminar. These groups were headed by their respective teachers.

The schools that took part in this event were students from SMK Aman Jaya, SMK Ibrahim, SMK Bedong and SMK St. Theresa. The purpose of this visit is to attend the seminar and also to visit our AIMST campus in Semeling. This group was welcomed by the Director of CMFS; Mr. K. Karuna and the lecturers from CMFS. The main agenda on that day was the seminar conducted by Mr. Loga Saravanan, the Director of Purnama Consultant.

His speech was mainly about the preparation before examinations and also giving motivation for those sitting for SPM and STPM examinations. He also provided them with modules for later use. After the speech by the external speaker, the seminar continued with a course briefing by Mr. K. Karuna, the Director for CMFS. His speech was about the various courses available in our University. The students were then given a tour around the campus led by our University students.

They were taken to the Library, Medical Laboratory and finally to the Anatomy Museum. Beside that the University management also provided these students with breakfast and souvenirs. After the tour, there were photo sessions with students and teachers as a remembrance of this successful event. The students left AIMST University at 12.45 pm by the buses provided by the University management.

Source: http://www.aimst.edu.my/about_aimst/archives/cgesseminar/news_cgesseminar.htm

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