AIMST University Orientation Handbook 2007 – from the Vice-Chancellor’s desk

Source: AIMST University Orientation Handbook 2007, from the Vice-Chancellor’s desk

Welcome to the AIMST University! I recognize that your arrival with us is a very important step in each of your lives and our aim is to encourage, help and educate you to achieve your ambitions, The undergraduate students of the University are the main reason for its existence and we aim to bring out the full potential of each person regardless of their origins ethnicity gender or nationality.

In return we require you to give application commitment and enthusiasm to your life at this University. First of your responsibilities is your academic work However the University is aware that your general education is also important. We want you to excel in your studies and in your other interests. We place great value on your participation in cultural activities and in
sport We encourage you to spend time socializing with your fellow undergraduates. Balancing all these activities is a skill in time management and each of you will need to make your own judgments on how you should approach this. We want you to remember your time at AIMST University as the happiest and most productive period of your life.

All our academic staff at AIMST University are committed educators with much experience in teaching and research Everybody is ready to help undergraduate students in their progress and you should never be reluctant to seek help or advice especially in the early days when we know some of you will have difficulties in adjusting to your new life. In most cases, problems will be easily resolved. In more difficult cases, we have a well established support system in place for seeking professional help. We prefer to know about problems rather than being unaware that you are struggling.

Each of you is here at AIMST University because of the encouragement and help of your parents, your family and other supporters. Don‘t forget them- they will be as happy as you in your successes and will be there in times of trouble.

AIMST University wishes to become a global university and the success of our undergraduate student body is fundamental to that ambition.

As Vice Chancellor. I wish each of you well

Professor Geoffrey Smith

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