AIMST Life at Year 2006

AIMST Life at Year 2006

Welcome to AIMST !

AIMST Lecture Hall For Medic with Dual 150 inch Projector system ! Don’t Worry , There is allot of 300 Student Capacity Lecture Hall Here . Saying about the Grand Hall , No need to say , it is a Concert Hall Indeed with Laser Systems !

AIMST Fengshui Is Best as i can See . Mountain at the Back Resemble Strength and stability … Enjoy Your Study !

Tired Of Concrete? Greens is Everywhere !

Carfully Design Hostel Can accomodate more student and better ventilation . It is a “Village” Design to ensure cool air will Flow from the Cool Paddy Field Nearby through your every room and back to the Hight mountain behind . Wide Roof Panel act like heat sink to ensure the top Floor Students can have better cooled afternoon . Currently only have 4 Blocks ,been build , another 4 more under construction .

The Compound is Very Very Big . Walking Alone is a good Morning excersise .

Before AIMST Amanjaya Move to Semeling , Students come to Semeling campus By AIMST BUS.

Sometimes Too Much Student Waiting for AIMST Bus . Overcapacity … Even AIMST have about 9 Busses Around .

AIMST Vision ! Look at AIMST the AIMST way … :)

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