AIMST University Student Residence Rules And Regulations 2001

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These rules shall be known as the AIMST Student Residence Rules and Regulations 2001, and shall be effective from 1st April 200L Amendments were incorporated on 15 June 2006.
These rules are for the information and compliance by all students accommodated in the University’s Student Residences.


It is the responsibility of all students to live in harmony, understanding, tolerance and respect for their room-mates and neighbours which is essential for community Living.
2. Students are therefore:
a. to conduct themselves in the highest standard of discipline, courtesy, and respect for each other;
b. to respect each other’s customs, race, religion and social obligations. Therefore students should not install items which are offensive, or behave in a manner which may offend other students;
c. to abstain from vandalism in respect of property belonging to the University or other students;
d. not allowed to organize or participate in any form of gambling in the residences or its vicinity;
e. not allowed to organize social gatherings in the residences or its immediate vicinity without prior permission;
f. not allowed to engage in any form of business.
3. Male students are PROHIBITED from visiting female students, and vice-versa, in their residence rooms without prior permission from the Warden.
4. Students should inform the Warden of their absence from the residence if they go away for a night or more.
5. Students are strictly PROHIBITED from moving into other rooms or apartments without prior permission from the Student Affairs Division.


Parents and Guardians may visit students at the residences at convenient times but are hound by the following:
a. The families and guests of students may be only entertained in the Lobby located on the Ground Floor. Guests are not allowed to visit the students in their apartments except with prior permission of the Warden.
b. Unaccompanied gucsts arc not allowed to move about freely within the premises unless accompanied by the student.
c. Students will he held responsible for any misconduct of their guests whilst in the premises of the residences.


6. The cleanliness of individual rooms is the responsibility of each and every student. Students are expected to:
a. keep their rooms clean, neat and tidy at all times.
b. dispose off personal rubbish.
c. not deface (i.e. write, scribble or draw) any wall in or around the building.
d. not fix any items on the walls or on doors.
e. clean the shower stalls, toilets and wash-basins after use.
f. not keep pets or domestic animals of any kind in the residence.
7. Hanging of clothes on the window sills or curtain railings is strictly not permitted.
8. University items or properties allocated to students must not be removed from the rooms or residences without consent of the Warden.
9. Malfunctioning of, or damage to, fittings or utilities should be reported immediately to the Warden by completing the Residence Maintenance Form available at the Warden’s office.
10. Students must ensure that lights and electrical items and water are turned off when they leave their rooms and apartments to prevent any fire hazards and to avoid wastage.
II. Any kind of fixtures that are likely to cause damage to the residences are not allowed including hitting nails into the walls or the use of double-sided tape.
12. All property belonging to AIMSI must be maintained at all times.
13. Cooking is strictly prohibited in the residences. Boiling of hot water is only permitted in the pantry located in each block.
14. In case of repairs or maintenance work, The University reserves the right of entry into apartments or rooms. However, the Warden will endeavor to inform The
residents prior to entry. Students are advised to secure valuables and other items and the University will not he held responsible for loss or damage to their property.


15. All property and items issued to the students for their exclusive use must be accounted for. Students will he held responsible for the maintenance, cleanliness and proper usage of the property.
16. No fixtures and fittings in the residence apartments or rooms shall be removed or taken out of the building.
17. Fixtures and fittings damaged intentionally, or by the negligence or misuse of the item by the resident will be replaced or repaired by the University, and the costs will be borne by the student concerned as per the ‘Item Replacement Prices’ list available at the Warden’s office.


18. Possession or control of illegal drugs such as ganja, heroin, morphine or any substance listed under the Dangerous Drugs Act is cause for immediate dismissal from the residence and University.
19. Consumption or possession of alcohol or any other intoxicating drinks is strictly forbidden in the residence or its immediate vicinity.
20. Use or possession of pornographic materials is strictly forbidden in the residence or its immediate vicinity.
21. Smoking and gambling is strictly forbidden in the residence or its immediate vicinity.


22. The security and safe custody of valuables and other personal property of residents such as money, jewelry, lap-tops, etc., is the sole responsibility of the resident. The University will not be held responsible for the loss or damage of any these items.
23. To ensure the safety and security of all residents, their personal belongings and University property, residents are required to lock their rooms and apartment doors whenever they leave the apartments.
24. Students are not allowed to secure doors with additional personal locks which obstruct the entry of the Warden or authorized personnel in the event of an inspection, repair work or an emergency.


25. Any student who contravenes an of the above rules shall he liable to disciplinary action and surcharge by any willful damage caused.

The University will not hesitate to impose a severe penalty on a student who is caught infringing one or more of the above rules.


The University reserves the right to add, amend or alter any of these rules as and when necessary.

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