Dr.Gokulshankar’s my ‘cology verse

Fungi love a musical name (Malassezia furfur)
Fungi play the dimorphic game (M-Y Shift)
Fungi can be a blast (Blastomyces dermatitidis)
Under the wood lamp’s ringworms can cast

Fungi can have a ‘histo’ry (Histoplasma capsulatum)
Fungal infection can be an unresolved mystery
Fungi can be p(r)icked from the thorn of roses (Sporotrichosis)
Fungal diseases can pick their name from places (Madura foot)

Provided opportunity, fungi (Candida) loves to cause the oral thrush
Persistent dandruff can make anyone blush
Fungi can have maiden names like twins: Cocci and Paracocci
When host is immuno-compromised, a fungus always wins….

Culprit of the notorious Salem witch trials
Concept of ‘fairy ring’ tales
Fungi at times do not even spare your nail (tinea unguium)
But can also churn out magic portions that heal

Fungi can swirl the Captain’s wheel
Invariably fungi are irresistible; as a delicious & fabulous meal
Learn Medical Mycology with zeal…
Fungi (Fun ‘Guy’) can also be a great feel …

– Dr S Gokul Shankar (A Fun Guy)

Source: AIMST University Faculty of Medicine Newsletter Volume 2 (August 2010 – Febuary 2011)

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